Destination Star Trek Europe

Live Long & Prosper - 50 Years to be exact!

I had the pleasure of photographing the Showmasters event celebrating 50 years of Star Trek.

And "Oh my" as George Takei would say, the stars were out in force!

The aforementioned George Takei, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Nimoy and William Shatner to name just a few.

Two cram packed days of presentations, signings, shopping, Shows, Parties.

Phasers were set to stun (another shameless Star Trek pun) when it came to the amazing costumes worn by guests.

Great stamina from the stars many of the around the 80’s mark entertaining in true big screen fashion with lashings of humour along the way.

Packed to the brim with thousands of visitors.

Three World Records broken...

One for the most people to be dressed in Star Trek costumes in the same room for ten minutes.

Two The Longest Running Video Game

The Most Successful TV Sci-Fi.

Now beam me up Scotty - my work here is done!

#Startrek #scifi #celebrity #event #exhibition #comiccon #photography #live #Conference #photographer #pictures #speakers

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